strange attractor

                                              ,,The light in your eyes well it's pulling me in
                                               yeah, it's pulling me in a heart that's still speeding
                                               up and it's coming again, yeah it's coming again
                                               how did it happen?  how did it come?
                                               ‘cuz it's taking me over it only comes in waves
                                               and then it goes away well it must be chemical"
                                                               animal kingdom - strange attractor

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Silvana hat gesagt…

schöne Bilder:)

Silvana hat gesagt…


Silvana hat gesagt…

du bist echt süß danke:)

Anna hat gesagt…

sooo tolle haare! :))

Marsela Christie hat gesagt…

lovely pics! come and check out my blog. maybe we can follow each other :)